What are you celebrating?

We’re in the business of celebrating you.  

 Celebrated is not your conventional bakery.  No lines here!  Talk directly to the owner and baker to customize the dessert of your dreams.  Every order we take is uniquely personalized to suit your celebration theme, style, and budget.

From visualizing and baking to delivery and setup, we take care of it all!

Ingredients you can feel good about. 

All entire range of desserts is plant based and mostly organic. 

Our ingredients are 100% vegan and do not contain any animal products, artificial colors or additives. 

Please advise us if you have allergies or sensitivities to ingredients typically found in desserts, including milk, eggs, nuts, soy, and wheat, and we'll be happy to work with your individual needs.




Meet the Owner.  

Becky established Celebrated in 2017 as an extension to her lifelong passion project for providing speciality desserts for friends and family. She thrives on the challenge to create handcrafted occasion desserts to suit every occasion, with a focused dedication to weddings.  From the time you place an order to the delivery of your desserts, she’ll be your first contact! 

In addition to her baking experience, Becky provides photography services to small, plant-based friendly businesses.  Her past clients include Buckleberry Foods and Leafy Green Tea.