Where are you located?

We currently work out of a shared kitchen space in Woonsocket, RI. There is no brick and mortar location at this time so you can find us at one of our upcoming events or place a custom order anytime!

How much notice do you need for a custom order?

We kindly ask for at least a week’s notice for all custom orders. Depending on the quantity and complexity of your request, we may be able to make an exception.

Do you ship?

Not currently. We are working on ways to ship our products across the nation safely and intact. Stay tuned!

What does Plant-based mean?

“Plant-based” means that our desserts do not contain any type of animal products or by products. We also use a variety of plant based food colors that are produced with fruits + vegetables.

Are your products vegan?

Yes all of our products are 100% vegan, always.

How do you make your macarons with no egg?

We use aquafaba , a.k.a. chickpea water, as our base for the meringue.

Can you make desserts for specific allergies?

Yes! We can prepare most desserts to accomodate for any allergy. We do work in a shared kitchen space, so please keep in mind that various allergens are present and used in production at this kitchen.