Custom Cape Cod Vegan Wedding Cake

A Celebrated cape cod Vegan Wedding Cake

Celebrated is a private dessert studio based in Providence, RI and serving all of your Cape Cod vegan wedding cake needs. We make the process of planning your wedding desserts more enjoyable, stress free, and effortless! All our vegan wedding cakes are made with only the highest quality vegan ingredients. We source local ingredients whenever possible, and adhere to sustainable business practices. By working with Celebrated to create a Cape Cod vegan wedding cake you also minimize your event’s impact on the environment.

Creating a Custom Vegan Wedding Cake Experience in Cape Cod

If you are looking for a personal and hand-crafted vegan wedding cake for your Cape Cod wedding, look no further. We believe that no two Cape Cod vegan wedding cakes or vegan wedding dessert tablescapes should ever be the same, so we take great care to ensure our vegan wedding desserts reflect the unique needs and personality of each client. Cape Cod is an excellent city to host a vegan wedding, full of vegan-friendly options. We hope a Celebrated vegan wedding cake or vegan dessert table can be part of your special day.

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Cape Cod Vegan Wedding Cake